Marriage At Work

Click here to go to Marriage@Work, a seminar on the marriage-work nexus by Marriage Ministries’ Tim Allen Gardner.

adapted from Marc Chagall’s Birthday painting

The greatest Jewish musical never produced!

Think the dance-filled romantic book musical is dead? Think again.

Finally, a new Jewish book musical that delights and touches the hearts of Jews and non-Jews, young and old.
Six years in the making, Marriage At Work is ready for your regional, community, or Jewish Center theater. With proven ticket-selling elements:
  • A timeless story of boy meets girl, updated for today’s older singles.
  • Credible characters your audience will care about.
  • A spine-tingling overture.
  • 18 melodic songs, with hummable tunes and engaging lyrics.
  • 10 integral dances, from modern, Hasidic, and hoedown to tango, waltz, and ballet.
  • A large orchestra—without the recurring cost of live musicians.
Like classic romantic comedies of stage and screen, Marriage At Work is the story of an unmarried man and woman decidedly wrong for each other…or are they?
Theater devotees compare the story, music, lyrics, and dances to the great musicals of yesteryear. People who thought regional theater had nothing to offer them can’t wait for opening night!
Singable songs, teachable tunes, lovable lyrics…Finally, a musical with something to sing about on the way home. It’s a winner! —Susan W. Lahm, former Drama Director, Senior Adult Department, Cincinnati Jewish Community Center

Cast album available on CD and MP3

Script available in .PDF